An Apple A Day

Make Mealtimes FUN!

Do you have a “picky eater” which is making eating a chore? Try making mealtimes fun!  One way to do that is to making fun shapes out of foods by using cookie cutters! You have to cut food into smaller pieces anyway for toddlers right? If looking for some ideas, check out Funbites® where you Read More

Take Control of Health: Fight Off Cold Season!

We are officially entering “flu” season, so take control of your health by building a strong immune system.  Fight off any colds or viruses that might be going around the office, school or playground by focusing on these foods, herbs, oils and supplements.  Foods to include in your weekly diet: leafy greens such as kale, Read More

Get Kids in the Kitchen!

Do you want your kids to eat healthier?  Eat more fruit and vegetables? Get them in the kitchen! Even the USDA agrees with getting kids involved at any age, and here’s why: Quality time spent with kids and their parents/caregivers. Opportunity for kids to learn about and develop an appreciation for cooking. Kids are more Read More

Introduce Ancient Grains

One of the popular nutrition trends for 2014 is returning to ancient grains such as spelt, amaranth, quinoa, millet and kamut.  If you are a big white or brown rice eater, give one of these try instead.   These “super” grains have health benefits that refined grains do not contain and are easy substitutes in many Read More

New Year’s Goals

Having a hard time keeping those New Years goals?  When it comes to nutrition, make sure your goals are attainable by being prepared.  Fill your cupboards and frig with easy-to-grab snacks that you’ve made in advance and write down your weekly meals (dinner at the least) on a dry erase board on the side of Read More

Gummy Snacks – yes please!

Did your head just spin??  I am not speaking of the processed and packaged snacks you find in your grocery store that are filled with sugars, artificial colors and flavors.  I’m talking about homemade ones where YOU control what goes into them.  I haven’t made these in a looong time, so I went on a Read More

Pregnancy Shake – Homemade

Love is in the air!  Every time I turn around I see another pregnancy post from a friend or acquaintance!  I love hearing such news J I recently got asked to provide a recipe to the “other” shakes on the market sold by MLM or direct sales, so I thought I would share a great Read More

Warm Up With This Turkey Chili

With the winter wonderland outside, there is no better time for a warm dish of chili than now.  But lets make it a healthy one!  This recipe is a favorite over at The Core Diet where I work with athletes and if you make it, you’ll see why!  Make a full batch, portion into containers Read More

Goat Cheese Stuffed Mini Eggplants

I love when something new pops up in my CSA farm share, and these mini’s did not disappoint!  I wanted to do something different with these, rather than my slice and grill with “normal” size eggplants.   There wasn’t too many options out there, but I did come across a picture of a stuffed one on Read More

Vegan Burgers

I was a vegetarian for about 12 years and dabbled in veganism for a bit too.  During that time, I was always on the hunt for a good veggie burger, unlike the rubbery pre-packaged store bought kind.  I found the following recipe in a magazine about 10 years ago and made a few adjustments but Read More